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Sorting Waste on Bowen Island


Collection & Disposal of solid waste

On Bowen Island, the Public Works Department of the Bowen Island Municipality is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential solid waste, which includes non-organic and organic refuse.

The collection service requires residents to separate their kitchen waste (unused food) from usual garbage for weekly collection. Unused food includes all foods and table scraps as well as food soiled paper and boxes.

Bowen Island Municipality has a contract with Bowen Waste Services (604-947-2255) to provide bi-weekly residential garbage pickup on Bowen Island. Private businesses with waste volumes in excess of that which can fit into one garbage can are served by private contract. All garbage collected is transported to the Metro Vancouver’s North Shore Transfer Station.


Organics are picked up every Wednesday. Non-organic pickup for Bowen Island is performed bi weekly. To determine the non-organic garbage collection schedule for your area download the 2014 Collection Calendar.   All garbage cans or bags must be accessible to the garbage collector by 8:00 a.m. on refuse collection day.  For more info, please visit the Municipality website by clicking here.



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