• Bowen LIFT

    (Linking Islanders through Friendly Transportation)
    A local ridesharing program promoting safe hitchhiking and ride sharing on the island and on/off the ferry. Visit their FaceBook page. To download the APP, click here.

  • VanPool

    Bowen currently has one official VanPool which goes on the 6:30 am ferry Monday to Friday through downtown and on to UBC, returning on the 5:30 pm ferry.

  • Car2Go

    The Car2Go program recently expanded to allow their fleet of Smart Cars to be picked up and dropped off at the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

  • Local Transit

    The local community shuttle provides a great service to islanders and visitors alike.

  • Bicycling/Electric Bikes
    • Due to Bowen Island’s hilly topography and narrow winding roads, many people have chosen to add electric motors to their bikes to make the experience of cycling on Bowen much more enjoyable and a viable option for commuters. There is no extra charge to bring a bike on the ferry.
      Here’s a link to a new technology for motorizing your existing bike. There are also many commercially available bikes with the motor built in. A quick internet search will show a variety of e-bike dealers in the greater Vancouver area. Here are a few additional links to get you started:

  • Scooter

    Scooting is another cost effective way of getting around the island. There are many styles of scooter available with a 49cc size engine, allowing them to be driven with a regular Class 6 driver’s license. Bike and scooter parking is free and available close to the ferry.

  • Green Travel Ranking

    Check out this handy graph [click here] that gives a rough comparison of the carbon emissions from various modes of transport.

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