Restoration & Naturescaping

Restoration, recovery and nurture of native habitats, plants and creature life is becoming more important as we take steps to reduce our human impact on natural spaces and wild habitat.  More and more people are becoming aware of the concept of “replacing” lost or endangered habitats to the extent possible through personal gardening and landscaping approaches.  Growing and/or buying  plants that would help restore native plants under pressure makes a lot of sense.

The BC Government has developed ecological restoration guidelines. It has published a document that assists with the development and implementation of restoration programs. The document can be downloaded by clicking here.

“Nativescaping/Naturescaping” is a related practise described as: “a design style which uses plants that are native to your geographical location and by virtue invites nature (birds, butterflies, etc…) in to your landscape.”

According to its website, the Naturescape British Columbia program is about restoring, preserving, and enhancing wildlife habitat in our urban and rural landscapes throughout the province. It is a program for people who want to connect more closely with nature in their daily lives. It has developed a guide that considers biodiversity, what it means and why it matters, and looks at how to nurture wildlife habitat, including how to inventory and map your existing garden. The Provincial Guide, written by Susan Campbell and Sylvia Pincott and edited by Larry Grainger, can be downloaded here.

Gardening with Native Plants is another guide, available by clicking here, published by the Habitat Acquisition Trust of Victoria, BC. It includes a centrefold Plant Table that provides information on plant characteristics, uses, and suggested species combinations.

Here’s a great article from David Suzuki’s Queen of Green on how to Create a bee-friendly yard and plant a butterfly garden.

Sources of Local and/or Organic Food on Bowen

  • Black Cat Farms: Wayne Tatlow sells eggs and organic produce from his farm and to local restaurants. He has both solar and wind energy systems and a large greenhouse. The greenhouse will produce food in the winter, as he has an aeroponic growing system. 869 Taylor Rd. 778-867-0028
  • Bowen Brook Farm: organic fruits and vegetables grown by Marg McConnell and Drew Burgess 512 Sunset Rd. 604-947-0189. They have a weekly veggie box program and sell at the local Farmer’s Market, as well they supply produce to Miksa Restaurant and The Ruddy Potato.
  • Bowen Island Community School: The school garden sells their produce at the local Farmer’s Market, which they often host on the school grounds. They also host a seed exchange and sale each year. In addition they grow and buy local produce for the school lunch program. Contact: Community School Coordinator Sarah Haxby. Email:  604-947-0389.
  • Collinsia Farm: Jean Jamieson and her sister Marion Moore found an inventive way to carry on their 100 year old family farm. With the help of BAA they found people to exchange labour for produce and were able to keep the farm going. They grow a variety of vegetables and small fruit as well as harvest the apple trees still bearing on their farm. If they have any extra produce they sell it to The Ruddy Potato.
  • Eau Claire: Charles Robichaud has about 44 chickens of heritage breeds. He sells cartons of eggs of mixed sizes and colours. 604-947-0476
  • Forest Brooks Farm: Organic orchard fruits and berries, bedding plants and bamboo, as well as hydroponic basil. You will find them at the local Farmer’s Market. They also have a hempcrete business and using their ecosystem can build you a freestanding hempcrete garden wall that acts as a heat sink. Jayeson Hendyrsan 604-947-9122 and Kim Brooks 604-947-2706 330 Forest Ridge Dr.
  • Ferguson Farm: Jane Ferguson grows all her vegetables, berries and fruits organically. She has been farming and selling her produce locally for over 20 years. 985 Grafton Rd.
  • Garden to Cottage: Organic seeds, plants and veggies. Cathy Buchanan 604-947-0768
  • Home Farm Gardens Ltd.: leases Endswell Farm and produces organic produce, eggs and organic meat birds. They also sell wool socks, roving and hides from their sheep. Rosie Montgomery 604-947-6995 (at the farm).
  • McDonald’s Farm: Sells produce, eggs, turkeys, Christmas trees, hay, straw and livestock feed and hardware. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used and the animal feed is vegetable based and antibiotics free. Carolyn McDonald 604-947-2517.
  • Primrose Farm: Fruits and vegetables naturally grown, no spray, no pesticides. Call or stop by to buy produce anytime. Clemencia Braraten 1020 Harding Rd. 778-801-1719
  • Shady Acres: An organic farm that has eggs, poultry and garden produce and sells at the local Farmer’s Market and from the farm. They also sell manure for garden use. At this time (2013) they have all the customers they can handle.   They also have a large 3 bin composting system that they are happy to talk about and show to anyone. David and Vivian Pearce 613 Cowan Rd. 604-947-0942.
  • Sunnyside Farm & Apiary: Bowen Island specialty honey, as well as berries, fruit and vegetables grown without chemicals by Nancy & Dean Leonard at their farm at 1045 Harding Road.  Call 604-947-2240 or email .
  • The Bowen Farm: Dave has a wide range of organic produce sold regularly at the Farmer’s Market. He also has regular produce sales in his driveway. In addition he will deliver certified organic vegetable soil, deer fencing and cedar garden boxes. Dave McIntosh 452 Melmore Rd. 604-947-2255
  • The Ruddy Potato Garden: The Ruddy grows local organic produce available for sale at The Ruddy Potato store in Village Square and also welcomes visitors to walk through and tour the demonstration gardens. 604-947-0665
  • Too Many Tomatoes: Sandy Mulholland and Kelly Smith sell heritage organic tomato seedlings in the spring. 1532 Adams Rd. 604-947-9295.
  • Trish Jacquet: Apples, pears and plums, grown naturally, all un-sprayed, available at the Ruddy Potato or by calling Trish. 688 Cates Lane 604-947-2392
  • Van Berckels: A wide range of orchard fruits, berries and vegetables, all grown naturally, without chemicals. Some not so common fruits like currants, persimmon and quince. They sell from their home and at the Farmer’s Markets. Aubin and David Van Berckel 609 Cates Hill Rd. 604-947-9870.