Shopping for Eco-Clothing

Options for purchasing eco-friendly clothing are increasing. Please add your own favourites. Here are a few ideas to consider to get you started.

  • Movement Global is a local store featuring designer ware clothing made from bamboo.
  • Patagonia makes some products from recycled polyester, recycled nylon and recycled wool and organically grown hemp and cotton. The North Face has some recycled and organic options. Find both brands in outdoor activity shops like Mountain Equipment Coop.
  • American Apparel does a line of organic cotton clothing and minimizes the polluting effects of dyes.
  • Devil May Wear 3957 Main St Vancouver – locally made and as sustainable as possible.

High-End Secondhand Shops

  • Caliente Fashions 1381 Marine Dr, West Vancouver.  Sells brand names only, and since you’re in West Vancouver you can find Gucci, Prada, Citizen for Humanity, BCBG, you name it.
  • MacGillicuddy’s On lower Lonsdale Ave. Upmarket brands, nothing older than 2 years.
  • MacGillicuddy’s for Kids Specializes in children’s high end clothing and shoes 4881 Mackenzie St, Vancouver.

Places to shop online for ecoclothing

  • – Vancouver based; reasonably priced. Also bed and bath products.
  • US company making new clothes from recycled fibres.
  • LivEco stylish casuals; also Canadian
  • Still Eagle provides a list of (mostly) BC companies who provide ecofriendly and fair trade clothing.
  • Hemp & Company  are an eco-friendly clothing store based in Victoria BC, specializing in hemp, organic cotton and rayon of bamboo casual wear.

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