Restoration & Naturescaping

Restoration, recovery and nurture of native habitats, plants and creature life is becoming more important as we take steps to reduce our human impact on natural spaces and wild habitat.  More and more people are becoming aware of the concept of “replacing” lost or endangered habitats to the extent possible through personal gardening and landscaping approaches.  Growing and/or buying  plants that would help restore native plants under pressure makes a lot of sense.

The BC Government has developed ecological restoration guidelines. It has published a document that assists with the development and implementation of restoration programs. The document can be downloaded by clicking here.

“Nativescaping/Naturescaping” is a related practise described as: “a design style which uses plants that are native to your geographical location and by virtue invites nature (birds, butterflies, etc…) in to your landscape.”

According to its website, the Naturescape British Columbia program is about restoring, preserving, and enhancing wildlife habitat in our urban and rural landscapes throughout the province. It is a program for people who want to connect more closely with nature in their daily lives. It has developed a guide that considers biodiversity, what it means and why it matters, and looks at how to nurture wildlife habitat, including how to inventory and map your existing garden. The Provincial Guide, written by Susan Campbell and Sylvia Pincott and edited by Larry Grainger, can be downloaded here.

Gardening with Native Plants is another guide, available by clicking here, published by the Habitat Acquisition Trust of Victoria, BC. It includes a centrefold Plant Table that provides information on plant characteristics, uses, and suggested species combinations.

Here’s a great article from David Suzuki’s Queen of Green on how to Create a bee-friendly yard and plant a butterfly garden.

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