Pet Waste/Animal Feces

This is a real challenge for those with companion animals. It is said that American dogs and cats generate 10 million tons of waste every year, most of which is thrown into the trash and then winds up in landfills and never actually decomposes. One statistic is that pet waste contributes roughly 4% of the garbage taken to landfills. There is no reason to think these stats are much different for Canada.

Scooby’s Dog Waste Removal Service: based in Vancouver and visits Bowen Island regularly to remove dog waste and ensure it reaches the sewage system, 604-926-8180.

Or you can consider building your own dog waste composter. Here are some instructions, from a woman whose profession is waste water management: . And here’s a YouTube video which overlaps substantially.

Cat litter is even more of a problem, because of how it is sourced. Michael Bloch, author of Green Living Tips has to say in his article, Kitty Litter and the Environment, notes:

“I was quite shocked to discover that what we give our cats to do their business in (cat litter) wreaks a massive toll on the environment.

I don’t own a cat, but I do use kitty litter for other purposes – under the barbecue and soaking up some messes. I was looking at my bag of cat litter today and thinking ‘so, what’s in this stuff?'”

To read about what he discovers, click here.

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