Pet Food

Dogs and especially cats are meat-eaters, which inevitably makes their carbon footprint large. The least we can do to mitigate that a little is to buy as locally as possibly. We can also seek out responsibly sourced pet foods. Here are some local pet foods with the manufacturers’ claims:

DARFORD: Dog treats made in Vernon, BC, sold on Bowen. Darford treats are baked in our own ovens using natural ingredients carefully selected from suppliers in Canada and the United States. You won’t find any corn or soy or other ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Just wholesome yumminess and yet another opportunity for a belly rub.

MOMOFOOD: Dog and cat treats made in Vancouver. MomoFood, *MOMO – means love especially for the one you love *FOOD – means food in this case made for the one you love. At MomoFood we make natural healthy and tasty meals and treats for the furry friend in your life.

FIRSTMATE: Pet food manufactured in Canada, based on north van. Sold in most pet stores. FirstMate Pet Foods is Canada’s choice for quality Pet Food. As a family-owned and operated manufacturer, we have full control over the quality of our ingredients and manufacturing procedures. Our company has been instrumental in the development of Pet Food having introduced pet specialty’s first Grain Free option in 1995!

ORIJEN: Pet food and treats made in BC. Sold in most pet food stores. Bursting with cage-free poultry, nest-laid eggs, wild-caught fish and free-range red meats — all raised or fished within our region and delivered to our kitchens fresh each day — ORIJEN’s Biologically Appropriate™ foods and treats provide the ultimate food experience for dogs, cats, and the people who love them.

CANADIAN NATURALS: Pet foods made in BC. Sold in most pet food stores. Over the past several years Canadian Naturals has been an industry leader within Canada, producing high quality pet food at a great price. In order to ensure we keep the highest of quality & standards we are pleased to announce we are now manufacturing all of our products in beautiful British Columbia in the heart of the Fraser valley.

RIPLEES RANCH: Pet food made in BC. Sold on line or direct from an agent. Holistic and all natural, our pet foods are manufactured in Western Canada with certified, state-of-the-art equipment. We always ensure our cat and dog food meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry. All of our pet foods, including kibble and canned, are made with regionally sourced ingredients and are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

NRG Original Dehydrated Dog Foods: made in Armstrong, BC. If you are looking for simply the best dog food in the market, you found it.  NRG Dehydrated dog food diets are that, SIMPLE.  We use simple whole food ingredients purchased from farming families in USA and CANADA ONLY.  We make our food by hand on our own farm, not a private label. We use only FRESH ingredients, NOT ingredients purchased from drying houses like most if not all other companies. NRG Dehydrated is the ORIGINAL dehydrated dog food for over 15 years.

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