BIRD Quick Guide

Download the BIRD Quick Guide.

To visit the Bowen Island Recycling Depot website, click here.


Hours: Thurs-Mon 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

Closed Tues & Wed (and Remembrance Day,  Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s day)

BIRD accepts the following items: NB – most of these items are BANNED FROM GARBAGE

BATTERIESAlkaline (ie. normal)

Rechargeable, and car batteries.

Milk Jugs (Semi-transparent)Rinse, remove caps and crush to save space in the bin. Corrugated Boxes:Coloured is OK

NO Waxed cardboard.

NewspapersThese are shipped to paper mills and become a percentage of new newsprint.
MetalAny metal object light enough to be carried by one person. Please flatten cans. CELL PHONESClean styrofoam packing peanuts Plastic BagsThese should be clean and separated into clear or coloured. Mixed paper Books, magazines, office paper, and cardboard such as cereal boxes.
NO items coated with plastic, foil or waxed.
APPLIANCES AND ELECTRONICSAll audiovisual or computer related items


ALL portable electric appliances for the home that plug in or use batteries.

Gas and electric outdoor power equipment.


Glass All kinds

But no mirrors, light bulbs of ceramics

NOTE: Glass drink bottles go to the refundables area.

Cartons of Milk & Milk substitute: Soya, rice milk almond milk, hemp milk & chai

NO soup cartons.

Deposit Containers (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)These are sorted by Bowen non-profit groups to raise funds.There is a refund on every beverage container sold in BC except for milk
**NEW**Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Mercury thermostats

**NEW**CDs and DVDs
& cases

Vinyl Records

Floppy discs
8 tracks

USB drives



All kinds including fluorescent tubes

  How to recycle items BIRD doesn’t

Recycling Council of B.C. or 604 732 9253

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