Composting Made Easy

Let’s grow Bowen’s soil!

Let’s face it – we live on a rock surrounded by water. Every year, tons of soil are imported to cover our rock. Conversely, every year tons of potential soil in the form of food scraps and yard trimmings are hauled off Island to be composted and used as soil elsewhere. Let’s turn that equation around by processing our organics on-island. Though there are plans afoot to compost yard trimmings at a central facility on-island, this will take time. In fact, the most sustainable way of composting is to do it locally in your own backyard, so that there is no roadside collection necessary. We could all be creating soil to make our beloved rock fertile.

And it need not be complicated, smelly or attract rodents. Begin by doing your yard trimmings and only selected non-putrefying food scraps. The most organic way to go is to build a 3 bin composter. But if that is too much for you, the simplest though more costly method is to purchase a rotary composter. Many people on Bowen who purchased the Jora Komposter have met with great success with little effort.

As we did a few years ago, if there is enough interest, we could arrange a group purchase of Jora Komposters. A group purchase results in a discount that usually covers shipping costs. Prices are about $390 and $550 for the first two sizes. Please contact Maureen or 947-2070 if you are interested or would like more info.

For more information on the basics of composting and how to get started, here are my favorite sites:

The Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre These how-to pages include a brief tutorial that gives you all you need to know to start. The individual brochures are extremely clear and readable.

Compost Junkies’ description of Compost Ingredients the good, the bad and the ugly gives a clear description of what goes in, what does not and the desired ratios of “green” to “brown” material.

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