Bowen Island Green Resource Guide

BITLogo-1To download a PDF version of the Bowen Island Green Resource Guide, click here.

Bowen in Transition (BIT) is pleased to present the Bowen Green Guide, a list of resources to help us build a stronger, more resilient community. Please note this is a project in progress and an initiative of volunteers. It is not meant to be an exhaustive listing, and clearly we have a number of gaps that need to be filled. That’s where you come in.

We invite you to help us make it better. We welcome submissions regarding green products, resources, information, events, etc. Let’s build this together!

The plan is to update the guide continuously. But please be patient as we have already mentioned, volunteers are updating and maintaining the site.

Thank you to all who have contributed so far! Please note that the creators of this site, and Bowen in Transition do not necessarily condone nor endorse all of the resources listed.

How to Use this Guide

Categories appear on the left lead to articles and resources. The titles of the latest posts will appear on the right column.

Please note that we need your help and would love to hear from you with respectful and helpful suggestions, feedback, additions, questions and offers of help.

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